type: visual identity
client: www.buromuro.com
year: 2020
collaboration: Jolijn Gijsels &
Bart Lenaerts
Did another ping-pong identity design (collaboration) with @jolijng 

@buromur.o is a project by @brtlnrts & @jolijng from @denoen , @eiskreem & @mlkshkbar.

It’s a gallery for designers of the 21st century. Every 6 months they select a number of graphic designers who create a collection of 4 works exclusively for the website. You can buy giclée prints in different sizes, framed or not framed. 
(A5, A4, A3, A2). 
More info on the website www.buromuro.com​​​​​​​.
I was also one of the participants who made work for Buro Muro.
You can find it here :-)